Month: November 2008

AT&T U-verse Review and Experiences

After two years with Time Warner Cable and six years with Buckeye Cable System, I decided it was time to try something new. I was sick of continuously paying more money for less with cable and wanted to see what other options were available. Cable definitely isn’t trying very hard when it comes to HD channels. I really didn’t want to deal with satellite and decided to try out the AT&T U-verse IPTV. My service was installed on September 27 and initially, I couldn’t have been happier. The only complaint I had was that sales sold me the “Sports Package” that didn’t really show sports. Nearly all professional sports were blacked out on these regional channels. Apparently, this is a pretty common issue on satellite as well with sales selling this package without the blackout notice. For the next 2 months, I had great service and new channels and features added monthly. The Total Home DVR update was pushed to my house in October. I had an issue with one TV not properly detecting it. Not finding this to be a big issue, I put off calling technical support for a few weeks. And when I did, disaster struck. After almost two hours on the phone with a support agent who barely spoke English (or any other decipherable language), I had restarted and updated all my receivers and the...

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HTML Character Entities

This is a list of the different HTML character entities commonly used in web development. I’ve found it to be a great resource. The blacked out rows are unused entities and listed for reference only. char description numeric hex html   null � %00     start of header  %01     start of text  %02     end of text  %03     end of transmission  %04     enquiry  %05     acknowledgement  %06     bell  %07     backspace  %08     horizontal tab 	 %09     linefeed 
 %0A     vertical tab  %0B     form feed  %0C     carriage return 
 %0D     shift out  %0E     shift in  %0F     data link escape  %10     xon – device control 1  %11     device control 2  %12     xoff – device control 3  %13     device control 4  %14     negative acknowledgement  %15     synchronous idle  %16     end of transmission block  %17     cancel  %18     end of medium  %19     substitute  %1A     escape  %1B     file separator  %1C     group separator  %1D     record...

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My name is Josh Zeigler and live in Powell, Ohio. I am a family guy, tech geek, sports nut, Disney addict, and amateur triathlete. This is my personal blog site and digital playground. Here, I write about my life and anything that is on my mind...

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