Month: January 2012

Teaching JavaScript to Developers of Other Disciplines

I learned JavaScript over 12 years ago and revitalized my skills in the dawn of the frameworks. I learned through necessity, when I had a project that required me to use it. The process of trial and error and applying what I already knew to make it work. Later, I was fortunate enough to have a single professor who made it all come together for me and confirmed what I thought I knew. This week I have been tasked to “teach old dogs new tricks.” Basically, I need to take developers from other disciplines and put together or provide training materials for them to learn how to develop client-side applications using JavaScript and the Dojo Toolkit. I need to sum up what I learned over the span of a decade. I’ve always believed that the best way to learn is time and practical experience. Seems I have neither of these things to work with here! How did you learn JavaScript? What resources did you find the most helpful? Did you come from another discipline or primary...

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New Year. New Me.

My last post here was over two and a half years ago… writing [and more importantly, actually publishing] a blog entry is long overdue. I had 12 different article drafts that I had started over the last two years. Today, I trashed them as the content was outdated and not currently relevant enough to finish. I spent the last half of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 over worked, stressed out, burned out, and not sure I wanted to continue in a technical career path. My brain certainly was not in a good place. Turned 30 last June. It didn’t really hit me right away. I think when my wife hit 30 and started complaining about it is when it started to bother me a little. Definitely started to realize that I was changing a bit, both physically and mentally. Needed a reset. Big time. Humans certainly don’t get any younger and we only get one shot at this life thing. Last August, I took a new job with Cardinal Health in the Enterprise Architecture Labs team. It was definitely a culture shock from agency life and the work I was doing with Resource Interactive. It took me nearly 4 months to relax and reset. I was given a new opportunity to slow down enough that I could think through this life reset. I realized pretty quickly that it didn’t have to...

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My name is Josh Zeigler and live in Powell, Ohio. I am a family guy, tech geek, sports nut, Disney addict, and amateur triathlete. This is my personal blog site and digital playground. Here, I write about my life and anything that is on my mind...

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