Month: August 2013

Emerald City Half Marathon 2013

August 25th, 2013 Emerald City Half Marathon – Dublin, Ohio 13.1 Miles, 1:57:25, Avg Pace: 8:58 Official Results | RunKeeper Stats On Sunday, I ran my 2nd half marathon in Dublin, Ohio at the Emerald City Half Marathon. It was a fantastic event. My goals for the race were set well before I even registered for the race: run my 2nd half marathon in under 2 hours. This goal was set after finishing the Cap City Half Marathon in 2:08:00. I felt that had I not faltered in the last 3 miles of the Cap City, I could have...

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From The Couch To Outside

The following is a glimpse of over a year of my thoughts and decisions which led me down a new path for my life. This is my story. Definitely not as interesting as some stories of triumph over heavy drug use and alcoholism. Or 100’s of pounds of weight loss. Or rising up from the ashes of poverty, depression, or turmoil. But this is my story. A very common story, but I am very proud of it. I share my story because I want to. And maybe I can be a positive influence on someone who needs it. Maybe someone with an average story like mine who wants to change their life, but hasn’t got off the couch yet. It’s kind of a “pay it forward” thing for me. And I like to talk (or share, whatever). October, 2011: 30 years old. 210 pounds. 4 beer a night average. Pant size: Size 36. Sitting on the couch, watching hours of television recorded on my TiVo. Tigers are in the ALCS, the Irish are going for an 8-5 record. Drinking beers, watching sports. I love food, especially “good” food. Surfing the web, I always have an online geek project. Work is slowing down already, not much happening. Sitting around a lot. Nice butt divots in the couch where I sit. Belly getting bigger. Only 30 years old, but it happens. Yeah,...

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About Me

Josh Zeigler

My name is Josh Zeigler and live in Powell, Ohio. I am a family guy, tech geek, sports nut, Disney addict, and amateur triathlete. This is my personal blog site and digital playground. Here, I write about my life and anything that is on my mind...

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