Month: September 2013

Fight to win.

Last weekend I had a very rough run on the Alum Creek trail from Westerville to Easton. I put down 17 miles and struggled through the last 5 miles. Not just tired, but my muscles were completely sore and fatigued. At this point, I had convinced myself that I only had 1 more long run before tapering for the Columbus Marathon (I actually had 3 and just can’t count). I was scared, nervous, and most of all, angry. Feeling a little down with crashing so hard well short of marathon distance, I texted my buddy Stuart. On his way to Cleveland to support another friend Amanda on her 24 hour endurance run — which you can read about her 83.5 mile run here — he relayed a message through his wife Tory to send back to me. I got some words of encouragement and told not to worry about it, but he also mentioned something interesting that I thought a lot about: Get a mantra. A freakin’ mantra, ehh? Something to mutter to myself to clear my head and keep me moving in the longest part of my run? Ok. Fair enough. I’ve got one of those. A phrase I picked up from my Uncle Mike about 15 years ago: “You gotta fight to win.” When these words were first mentioned to me, I was going through some rough...

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33 Before 33

Cheryl Harrison posted an article on her site, Being Cheryl, titled “25 before 25” where she had put a list of goals to accomplish before her 25th birthday. Since I am spending so much time evaluating my life and making changes, I thought this would be a great way to set some goals and see where I end up at the end of the year. This list will most certainly evolve throughout the year, but I am looking forward to seeing how many of my goals I can hit. Run in at least 5 states – Ohio, Texas, Florida, West Virginia, and Maryland (along the border) Run my first Marathon – Columbus Marathon, October 20th Run my first Ultra Marathon – Playing Possum 50k, May 17th, 2014 Run a sub-2 hour half marathon – Emerald City Half Run a sub-4:20 marathon Run a 1,000 Miles Run a race in a different state – Ragnar Relay, West Virginia Complete a 50 mile bike ride Complete a 3km Swim Maintain average weight of 185 pounds for the year Maintain under 20% body fat Book my Walt Disney World Marathon Get a Sports GPS Watch – TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Run in a new Columbus area park – Honda Wetlands, Glacier Ridge, Trabue Nature Preserve, Murphy Park Visit a new Ohio park Fly an airplane Attend a Notre Dame Football game – Notre Dame...

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