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EventDateDistancePriorityTimeAverage PaceOfficial ResultsStatsPhotos and VideosGoalBHAGType
Ohio State Ross Heart Hospital TriFit Challenge
Ross Heart Health TriFit Challenge

Columbus, Ohio
2017-07-15Challenge (Olympic) DistanceB02:37:51Official ResultsGarmin Connect StatsNone
IRONMAN Louisville
IRONMAN Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky
2018-10-14IRONMAN (140.6 miles)A12:18:54
Swim: 00:15:40
Bike: 06:26:46
Run: 04:59:53
Swim: 01:04/100m
Bike: 17.37 mi/h
Run: 11:26 min/mi
Official ResultsGarmin Connect StatsN/A14:00:0013:00:00Triathlon
IRONMAN 70.3 Steelhead
Ironman 70.3 Steelhead

Benton Harbor, Michigan
2019-06-30Half IRONMAN (70.3 miles)A05:43:56Swim: 02:02/100m
Bike: 20.69 mi/h
Run: 09:44 min/mi
Official ResultsGarmin StatsNone05:53:0405:45:00Triathlon
5th Line 5k
5th Line 5k

Nationwide Arena - Columbus, Ohio
2017-02-05 (3.1 miles)B00:21:0706:48Official ResultsStrava StatsNone00:23:2800:22:59
Playing Possum 50k
Playin' Possum 50k

Delaware State Park - Delaware, Ohio
2017-05-20 (31.07 miles)A05:38:4010:54Official ResultsStrava StatsNone05:56:1505:50:00Running
Soldier Field 10 Mile
Soldier Field 10 Mile

Chicago, Illinois
2017-05-2710 milesB01:20:0608:01Official ResultsStrava StatsNone01:24:1001:20:00Running
Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend - 25th Anniversary
Disney World Marathon
Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, Florida
2018-01-07Marathon (26.2 miles)A03:45:1108:36Official Results

Dopey Challenge - Official Results
Strava StatsNone04:15:0003:59:59Running
Seamus O'Possums 30k Trail Footrace
Seamus O'Possum's 30k Trail Footrace

Delaware State Park - Delaware, Ohio
2018-03-1730k (18.64 miles)B02:39:3108:33Official ResultsStrava StatsNone02:56:4202:50:00Running
Heart Mini Marathon
Heart Mini Marathon

Cincinnati, Ohio
2018-03-18Half Marathon (13.1 miles)C01:44:0907:57Official ResultsStrava StatsNone01:50:0001:45:00Running
Little Kings Mile
Flying Pig Little Kings Mile

4-way with Extra Cheese Challenge
Cincinnati, Ohio
2018-05-041 MileC00:06:0906:09Official ResultsStrava StatsNone00:07:3000:06:59Running
Flying Pig Marathon Logo
Flying Pig Toyota 10k

4-way with Extra Cheese Challenge
Cincinnati, Ohio
2018-05-0510k (6.2 miles)C00:45:5507:25Official ResultsStrava StatsNone00:50:0000:47:37Running
MinoMan Triathlon
MingoMan Triathlon

Delaware State Park - Delaware, Ohio
2017-06-25Olympic Duathlon (32.2 miles)B02:15:40Official ResultsGarmin Connect StatsNone02:52:1302:30:00Duathlon
Pelotonia 2017

Gambier, Ohio to New Albany, Ohio (180 Mile Route)
2017-08-0680 MilesB04:33:1217.3 mphNot officially timed.Strava StatsNone05:30:0005:00:00Cycling
Pelotonia 2017

Columbus, Ohio to Gambier, Ohio (Reynolds Road, 180 Mile Route)
2017-08-05100 MilesB05:48:4317.6 mphNot officially timed.Strava StatsNone06:30:586:15:00Cycling